Private room · Double · Courtyard facing · 2nd Floor

Dollis Hill

38 Belton Road, London NW2 5PE

Willesden Green

In the room

Double bed with quality mattress

Flat screen TV

Chest of drawers


Bedside drawers

Desk and chair

Desk Fan


Desk Lamp

Drying rack


In the apartment

Room on 2nd of 3 floors

Two shared bathrooms

Bath and walk in shower

1 modern shared kitchen

Central heating

The local area

Getting around

In the kitchen
For your convenience

Free WiFi

Fresh bed linen (once a week)

Fresh towels (twice a week)

Toiletries in the bathrooms

Hair dryer

International adaptor

Ear plugs

Tea and coffee in the kitchen

In your kitchen cupboard

Property Location

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