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Cleanliness standards matter to us and our guests more than ever.

To help prevent the spread of Covid-19, we have added extra steps to our cleaning and disinfecting protocol.

Personal protection equipment

Our cleaning staff wear a disposable face mask and change gloves and/or wash hands frequently.

Clean and sanitise

After cleaning away dust and dirt, we use disinfectant to sanitise hard, soft and high-touch surfaces including cushions, curtains, light switches and appliances.

Social distancing

1m +

Self check-in, self check-out and remote assistance minimise face to face interaction while maintaining great customer service.

Guidelines for safely staying in a property with shared facilities.

Hand sanitiser

We have hand sanitiser at entrance to our short-let accommodation, which we encourage our guests to use.

Wash hands frequently

Please use the anti-bacterial hand wash next to every sink to wash hands regularly, especially after entering the house or touching a possibly contaminated surface.

Guests' cleaning supplies

You will find anti-bacterial wipes in your room, which you can use for additional safety and comfort anywhere in the house as necessary.

Social distancing

1m +

Keep a recommended social distance away from other flatmates in the property if you are renting a private room. 

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