Terms & Conditions

By proceeding with reserving a property, you and staying guest(s) agree to these terms and conditions.


1.1 ‘You’ refers to the person making the booking of one of our properties.

1.2 ‘Guest(s)’ refers to the persons booked to stay at the property.

1.3 ‘Property’ refers to the accommodation offered for rental by Stay Inn London.

1.4 ‘We’ refers to JH Marketing & CRM Ltd, trading under the name Stay Inn London.


2.1 You acknowledge and agree that the booked property is intended for transient occupancy and the guest(s) do not intend to make the property a permanent residence or household.

2.2 Guest(s) are entitled to occupy the property for the booked dates for holiday use only under the agreement that does not give guests security of tenure under the terms of the Housing Act 1988 pursuant to which the occupation shall be deemed to be by way of an excluded tenancy.

2.3 It is against the law for the guest(s) to sublet the property.

2.4 The guest(s) hereby indemnify and hold harmless the management against any claims of personal injury or property damage or loss arising from the use of the property.

2.5 We reserve the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of bookings and will notify you if any such changes are made.


3.1 Guest(s) cannot receive mail to the property without prior consent from management.

3.2 Guest(s) cannot use the property’s address to open a bank account, national insurance number, to register with an official body such as a GP, optician or sign up for any subscription to the address.

3.3 Guest(s) will maintain the property in a good, clean and smoke free condition. Guest(s) must pay for damage carried out by them to the property over and above normal wear and tear that is not covered by the security deposit.

3.4 For security reasons, a copy of the lead guest’s photo ID is taken at check-in. This is protected under privacy laws.

3.5 If it becomes necessary for management to inspect the property during the booking period, a reasonable notice will be given to the guest(s), unless it is a matter of emergency.

3.6 The guest(s) shall not use the property for illegal or commercial purposes. Such use would terminate the booking and the guest(s) will vacate the premises with no issue of refund of rents paid.

3.7 Valuables left at the property will be stored for up to 2 weeks for collection by the guest(s), after which they will become property of management. The management shall not be held responsible for the condition of items left behind at the property.


4.1 Guest(s) shall behave in a civil manner at a reasonable noise level. Quiet hours are between 22:00 and 09:00.

4.2 It is against the law to smoke in the property. If guests smoke in any part of the property, a £50 penalty will be charged immediately. If smoking occurs a second time during the guest(s)’ booking, management reserves the right to terminate your booking with no refund of rents paid. Any smell of smoke in the property during or at the end of the booking will result in a loss of the deposit paid.

4.3 Standard check-in time is after 13:00/14:00 (depending on the property) and check-out time is before 10:00/11:00 (depending on the property). Alternative times can be negotiated, subject to availability.

4.4 Guest(s) shall see to their own safety as well as the security of their neighbours by locking doors and windows.


5.1 The agreed deposit paid at booking is refundable at checkout, subject to damage caused to property and its contents during the guest(s) stay and adherence to the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

5.2 Cancellation of a booking will result in a loss of paid deposit.

5.3 No refunds of rent will be made due to shortened stays.

5.4 Changes to a reservation’s dates, location or number of guests may be accepted subject to availability and management discretion.

5.5 In the unlikely event that we are unable to accommodate you in the property booked, we will offer guests an alternative property of similar or higher standard.